Dialogue for Peace, Governance, and Development

We promote peace, governance, development, and strengthen institutions by conducting participatory public policy development through fostering a culture of dialogue.

We conduct surveys and research on themes related to peacebuilding such as “Concept of Peace Mediation,” and the “Women, Peace and Security Agenda,” after closely studying the trends of international support. 

Who we are

Horncenter Dialogue for Peace, Governance, and Development (The Horncenter), an independent, not- for-profit, and multi-disciplinary Think -Do -Tank organization, is devoted to examining policy issues and challenges that impact on institutions and state building in Somalia and develops policy solutions.

Featured area of focus

The policy development activities of the Center comprise of the following domains. Each of this has sub cluster of activities 

Conflict analysis & social research

Research & development is a collection of creative initiatives .

Forums, panel discussions

Policy briefs, workshops, projects, publications, forum discussions

Policy analysis and research

Policy analysis & efficient governance to achieve a federal, stable Somalia .

Public, private policy dialogue

The policy development activities of the Center comprise .

Social reconciliation & peace development

Peacebuilding and development, according to HC, are intertwined.

Research capacity building

Increase local capacity and inclusive participation .

The Center also has technical consultants on some of e of the activities such as designing and planning of activities.


Research reports.


Organisations impacted.


Policy debate.


Resent events.

Our Partners

Over the years we have partnered with great entities and organizations .