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In Somali society poetry, oratory, theatre, and song are the dominant forms of cultural expression. Somalis’ thoughts about the last 3 catastrophic decades have been recorded in poems, drama, and songs, as well as written literature. Somali oral culture is a very powerful tool to promote peace, reconciliation, and conflict resolution. The oratory skills of the Somalis are highly respected and effective means that carry weight. A strong peace connector that can be maximized to bring together segments of society and peacefully coexist to embark on sustainable development.

Therefore, on that background an event about the role of culture on peace organized by the partners of the Road to Sustainable Peace Program namely PDRC and Horncenter (HC) was organized. The partners invited Abwaan Ahmed Osman (Burci), who is using his poet to promote peace, he normally talks to youth, women, and political leaders to remind the need to be accountable for the community and do awareness-raising for the need to promote peace.

Referring to Abwaan Burci’s poet, the ‘Galmudug Research and Workshop Center’ volunteered to record Burci’s poet and produced a book named ‘Raad Reeb”, in which they have collected 13 different poems talking about the need for the Somalis to really reconcile themselves.

Then Abwaan Burci talked about the importance of culture and Somali literature in the reconciliation process and peacebuilding, he stated that in part of his poems he describes the people who are an obstacle to the peace and the development of the region in particular and in Somalia in general.

On the other hand, other distinguished guests also addressed the participants, including members from Madasha Nabadda iyo Is Dhexgalka (Peace and Integration Forum), Women peace committee member, youth peace committee member, and finally, a panel of discussion was held at the end of the event, where the role of culture on peace is discussed, where three members of the community were invited, while Aisha Awil from HC was the moderator.


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