Our Team

Staff Management

The Horn Center has access to skilled and experienced professionals, both from the Diasporas, civil society and locally educated with the required competencies and capacity to involve the implementation of the activities that yield the desired results of the organization’s strategic objectives and vision. The top management of the Horn Center reviews the performance of each staff to appraise and provide them skills development on the job training to effectively undertake their duties and responsibilities assigned to them. The Center also has technical consultants on some of e of the activities such as designing and planning of activities.

Advisory Board

  1. Bashir Yusuf, Businessman
  2. Ahmed Isse Awad, Former Foreign Minister of FGS
  3. Kamal Dahir Gutale, OPM Security Advisor
  4. Abdifatah Abdinur, Office of the Prime Minister of Somalia- Senior Political and federal affairs Advisor
  5. Prof. Abdulkadir Shirwac ,Civil Society Member
  6. Abdi Dahir Osman, Former Minister of Education FGS
  7. Mursal Mohamed Khaliif , Former Minister of Planning, Economic Development & International Cooperation for Jubaland State of Somalia
  8. Mustafa Mukhtar Guudow , Member of Somali Federal Parliament

Core Staff

  1. Amb. Ahmed Abdisalam Adam, Executive Director
  2. Mohamed Abdullahi Ahmed, Director of Programs
  3. Abdulrazak Abduljalil, Communication/M&E Specialist
  4. Rukia Mohamed Ahmed, Peace and Reconciliation Facilitator
  5. Abdinur Khalif Mohamud, Director of Finance
  6. Aisha Awil Nuur, Administrative