Strengthening Peace Connectors: A Step Towards Sustainable Peace in Galmudug.

Horncenter (HC) Dialogue recently convened a significant meeting in Dhusmareeb city of Galmudug, focusing on the vital task of strengthening peace connectors within the community. This initiative is a crucial component of HC’s Sustainable Peace and Good Governance program, which aims to foster lasting peace and stability in Galmudug areas.

The one-day event served as a platform for leaders from the Galmudug government, representatives from various segments of the community, and other dignitaries to come together and deliberate on strategies to enhance peacebuilding efforts at the grassroots level.

The importance of peace connectors in building bridges and fostering dialogue cannot be overstated. These individuals, often community leaders or influencers, play a pivotal role in mediating conflicts, promoting understanding, and nurturing reconciliation within their communities. By strengthening their capacities and networks, we can create a more resilient and cohesive society.

During the event, participants engaged in fruitful discussions on the challenges facing peacebuilding initiatives in Galmudug and identified opportunities for collaboration and synergy. The exchange of ideas and experiences provided valuable insights into the unique dynamics of peacebuilding efforts in the region.

Moreover, the presence of government leaders specially the Ministry of Fisheries, and the deputy minister for information of Galmudug underscored the commitment of the authorities to support grassroots peacebuilding initiatives and collaborate with local communities to address the root causes of conflict effectively.

Moving forward, HC Dialogue remains dedicated to empowering peace connectors and facilitating constructive dialogue across Galmudug. By harnessing the collective wisdom and energy of all stakeholders, we can pave the way for a more peaceful and prosperous future for our


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